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The Popular Engagement Rings of 2022

By Stephanie Dore

It’s cuffing season, y’all, which means dreams of engagement rings dancing in your heads, right? Hard same, here. In fact, every year around this time we get a little choked up just reminiscing about all the incredible rings that have flown out our doors to grace your fingers, light up your lives, and kick your LTRs into high gear. But what are the best of the best engagement rings of 2022? It’s like picking your favorite, well, anything. So. Hard. To. Choose. But we’re gonna do it anyway, darlings.

The Long and Long of It

It might have been their best year yet, baby. Elongated cushion cut diamonds have been having a MOMENT and have been one of the most popular engagement rings we’ve seen for our clients (and for us, if we’re honest). Elongated cushion diamonds ​​are all soft curves and rounded corners. It’s a cut that has been around for a couple hundred years, evolving directly from old mine cuts back in the 19th century, and no two are ever exactly alike. Cushions, especially the more antique-y cut ones, tend to have slightly smaller tables and larger facets, giving them a very pillowy look (hence the name) and romantic softness. No wonder they’re hot.

elongated cushion cut diamond three stone diamond ring
The elongated cushion three stone is the ultimate 2022 style mashup!
elongated cushion cut solitaire ring
The elongated cushion is so versatile, with soft edges that give the pillowy-est effect.

How to Wear an Elongated Cushion Cut

The beauty of an elongated cushion cut is OPTIONS. We love them at center stage in a stunning solitaire ring setting. You can even go east-west with it if you choose! Elongated cushions are also perfect for three-stone engagement ring settings, which are another hot trend on our list. They look spectacular with trapezoid or half-moon accent stones depending on the cut of your cushion. After all, every single cushion cut is completely unique!

Trois for Moi

Speaking of three-stone rings, the triple emerald cut engagement ring is also super stylish this year and we’re not mad at it. This style takes the beauty and sophistication of an emerald cut diamond and pumps it up to 11. 12 maybe. We’re talking hall of mirrors madness, Art Deco glam, maximalism at its absolute best. The one thing to be wary of is making sure your three stones match really well. You can keep the look really clean, with phenomenal finger coverage like in our Breezy Emerald Three Stone Ring that pretty much floats three diamonds over your finger, with an open gallery, slender band, and total stackability. Or opt for the OG, a design so classic it’s tough to improve on. Our take on a traditional style drops the stones as low as possible for maximum wearability. Features a 1.8mm comfort fit round band.

emerald cut three stone popular engagement ring 2022
Emerald lovers rejoice, because our Breezy Three Stone is an all emerald look that’s totally stackable.
round diamond three stone engagement ring
Baguettes are a timeless addition to any three stone ring, but our plunge three stone gives the classic a 2022 edge.

Carb Loading

We’ve also seen everyone falling in love with our favorite bread-inspired baby, the baguette diamond, particularly as an accent for nearly any shape in a three-stone ring. Yep, that’s why they’re so popular. They’re a classic side stone that works with any shape center diamond from round to emerald to pear and everything in between, whether you like your side stones small and subtle or big and bold. We love them tapering out to the band in classic formation or set vertically for a clean, modern style. You do you, boo. 

You can take the plunge in our newest three stone baguette engagement ring, with its open gallery that keeps the setting as low profile as possible, while still stacking flush with a wedding band. Tapered diamond baguettes draw the eye towards your choice of center diamond for an engagement ring that’s eternally in style. Or go double-trouble with our deco five-stone engagement ring that shows off four graduated, bezel set baguette diamonds that draw your eye towards the center stone. It also features our signature floral detailing, double claw prongs, and a two tone basket to minimize gold unwanted reflections.

Classic is Always Cool

If you’re not really about all the extras and prefer to keep your cool, you’re in good company because classic round and oval solitaire diamond rings are still at the top of the charts. Forever a favorite for good reason, the round diamond solitaire first came into fashion in the 1940’s thanks to De Beers’ famous “Diamonds Are Forever” commercials, and they haven’t been out of fashion since. There are ways to make a round diamond solitaire engagement ring a bit less basic, though, including changing up the prong style, adding some secret sparkle, or choosing a different — but still similar — diamond shape. That’s where ovals are gonna be everyone’s bestie. A little different, but not too “out there” an oval is like if you just stretched a round diamond out a bit. Still brilliant but a bit more unique. Ovals can also look about 10% larger than rounds of the same carat weight and save you nearly 25% on the price tag. We’d call that a win-win, wouldn’t you?

oval natural diamond engagement ring
For a small spin on the simple oval solitaire, double up your prongs!
half bezel radiant cut engagement ring
Half bezels have had quite the year, but no one executes the modern minimalist design like us.

Edging Your Bets

Now, the beauty of all these styles? You can totally change them up by switching from prong settings to bezels, and we’ve seen all of y’all doing it. What’s a bezel, you ask? Well, a bezel is that super cool setting you see that’s got a thin rim of metal running all the way around your diamonds, keeping them super secure and extra low maintenance. Thin bezels are quite classic and beautiful but lately we’ve seen bigger, bolder bezel style engagement rings take off. One of our most popular rings has been The Radiator, which gives you maximum glamour with minimum fuss. Your center diamond is framed with stepped edges designed to catch light from every angle. Just know that this ultra-low-profile, ultra-chunky bezel setting does not share the spotlight or stack flush with other rings.

You’ve also been betting big time on the half-bezel setting, which is a FD fave. The half bezel gives you the best of both worlds — the protection of a bezel and the airyness of a more open, minimal metal setting. It also adds a unique sculptural quality to your diamonds, accentuating their edges in a super sexy way.

Keeping it Custom

Whether your shopping the best engagement ring brands on the market or searching for the best online engagement ring deals, the style you choose should be totally you. And truthfully, darling, that’s all we do. You heard it here. Every ring that goes out our door is totally customizable to your personal style. You choose the ring, the diamond, the special details. And our team of expert designers and craftspeople will pull it all together into the ring of your dreams. Lickity split. Because we care.

To get started, explore our collection of signature engagement rings or check out our diamond search where you can view 360-degree images of more than 10,000 diamonds and don’t forget to zoom out (because size can be deceiving). You can also book a virtual or offline appointment at our New York or San Francisco studio to view certified lab-grown and natural diamonds in person. 

Not finding what you’re looking for? Email us with what you’re looking for at We’ll curate a list of 5-7 exclusive stones that are just right for you.

Or take the ring quiz and design a custom diamond engagement ring that’s unique to you.

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