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Are Blue Topaz Engagement Rings a Thing?

By Stephanie Dore

Associated with love, loyalty, and eternal romance, the icy blue topaz is also becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to diamonds in an engagement ring. There are plenty of reasons for this, including price, fashion, and the cold hard fact that blue gems have always been a popular choice for engagement rings. But before you dive into the big blue deep end and start browsing blue topaz engagement rings, there are some important considerations to, well, consider.

Are Blue Topaz Engagement Rings Durable Enough for Daily Wear?

We’re putting this front and center because, frankly darling, this is the most important part of choosing your engagement ring gemstone. Will it stand up to your life well enough and still come out sparkling on the other side? And lucky enough, topaz is an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is based on the relative ease or difficulty with which one mineral can be scratched by another. This means topaz is pretty hard (diamonds rate a 10 on the Mohs scale by comparison), and can only be scratched by things harder than it. 

Unfortunately, though, topazes aren’t very tough, which is different from hard. Because of the growth patterns of topaz, a hard blow, extreme pressure or sharp temperature changes can cause it to break. That doesn’t mean it’s a no-go. It just means that blue topaz rings need to be set by an expert craftsperson and in a protective mounting that prevents them from being knocked around too much.

An emerald cut blue topaz engagement ring flanked by two geometric diamonds
While blue topaz ranks highly on the Moh’s scale, if you put em’ in the ring and they receive one hard blow it’s game over. To combat this, make sure your blue topaz engagement ring is set by a professional, like those at Frank Darling (wink wink).
A round brilliant moissanite engagement ring is surrounded by a cluster of blue topazes
Topaz comes in every shade of the rainbow but blue topaz has a special hold on our hearts, especially when paired with an equally icy diamond or moissanite.

What is Blue Topaz Anyway?

Traditionally a birthstone for December, blue topaz is a semi-precious gemstone known for its many different seaworthy shades and incredible clarity. In nature, it’s actually found in a variety of hues including yellow, red, orange, pink, and purple. Colorless topaz is common and often treated to create the plentiful blue topaz available on the market today. That’s right, folks, most blue topaz wasn’t, in fact, born that way. Naturally strong-colored blue topaz gemstones are actually quite rare. The treatments used to create what you usually see include irradiation and heat treatments, which are considered permanent.

London Blue, Sky Blue, and Swiss Blue

Blue topazes come in three very distinct shades of blue, so if you’re shopping for blue topaz jewelry you’ll want to know these names and what to look for. London Blue topaz is the darkest of the three shades, a sort of deep teal with gray or brown undertones. Swiss Blue topaz is a bit like a vibrant robin’s egg, middle of the road. And Sky Blue topaz is the lightest of the bunch and literally looks like its name. All of them are the same hardness and quality, so it’s really all about personal color preference here.

Feeling blue? Us too, and darling, it feels fantastic.
Does your blue topaz sparkle or flash? The answer is tied up in its faceting pattern. Mix and match facets like the custom Toi et Moi above for a totally unique engagement ring delivers the dazzle.

Blue Topaz Cut and Clarity

If you’re on the search for a high clarity blue topaz engagement ring, you’re in luck, because these spectacular gems are often free from any visible inclusions or flaws. In fact, it’s more important to look for a blue topaz gemstone with uniform color throughout with good cut and symmetry. Make sure the faceting pattern is even and the stone clear and bright and you’ll have plenty of sparkle for your blue topaz jewelry.

Are Blue Topaz Engagement Rings Affordable?

Absolutely. Blue topaz crystals are typically quite large, which means gem manufacturers aren’t limited to smaller sizes. As a result, the price of blue topaz doesn’t rise very much as carat weight increases, so you can find very affordable larger blue topaz stones. These big topazes also grow in elongated or column shaped crystals so you’ll find a lot of oval, pear, and emerald shapes on the market to improve the yield from the rough stone. But don’t worry, blue topaz is available in nearly any shape you prefer.

One thing to keep in mind is that gemstones are often sold by measurements instead of carat weight. Don’t be surprised to see sizes like an 8mm x 10mm, for instance, with no associated carat weight listed. This is totally normal, because weights and cutting styles vary too drastically to offer any consumer consistency by which to measure that is as clear as simple measurements.

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A halo of blue topaz surrounds a round brilliant diamond in a yellow gold ring
During the Renaissance, blue topaz was frequently believed to have the ability to ward off magic spells and dispel anger.

What Are the Spiritual Properties of Blue Topaz?

Blue topaz is not just a beauty to behold, it also has some serious spiritual powers. Thought to bring its wearer a sensation of peace, tranquility, and calmness, blue topaz is a spiritual super stone. Talk about a fashion statement that’s good for the soul!

Additionally, when sporting blue topaz bling, you may find it easy to voice and express your truth. That’s because blue topaz amplifies your self-worth, and helps you to recognize your honor and values. What do you do when you recognize what is important to you? You speak your truth! No more staying silent darling, it’s time to let your thought’s sparkle like the dazzling facets of a finely cut topaz.

Why Are Blue Topaz Engagement Rings So Good?

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds have always taken center stage. But let’s spill some tea – there’s a gem that’s turning heads and winning hearts: blue topaz. Often underrated, it’s stepping out of the shadows as a fabulous alternative to the traditional diamond ring. With its wide range of colors, impressive durability, and economic affordability, blue topaz has everything you need. So, if you’re looking for a dazzling and budget-friendly engagement ring that stands out, blue topaz is the perfect choice.

A blue topaz bezel set Toi et Moi Band
Design your own blue topaz engagement ring. Contact us today to get started

Blue topaz Ring Styles

When it comes to finding a blue topaz ring that suits your personal style, keep an open mind. Often, blue topaz and diamond rings feature a center focus topaz with small diamond accents. However, diamond halos are also quite popular, and offer a bit of extra protection around the topaz. Topaz is also perfect for cluster style engagement rings and allow you to create a stunning ombre effect with the different shades of blue. Perhaps even incorporate some diamonds too!

You’ll usually see blue topaz white gold rings instead of other metal colors like blue topaz rose gold rings. This is because the white metal really shows off the blue hue and is very complementary with the cool tones. But you can customize any ring and metal to suit your preferences.

No matter what look you’re after, if you’re up for a cool, colored gemstone style, topaz is sure to suit. Need a little help dreaming up your perfect jewel? Reach out at and our gem geeks will get right to it. Or start customizing your own with our design quiz and even get a free sketch!

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