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Back It Up! Our Ultimate Guide to Diamond Stud Earrings and Their Backs

Whether you’re rocking a single piercing or a literal earful of glitter, choosing the types of stud earrings you want to wear can be a daily chore. Feeling like a classic diamond? A colorful gemstone? What backing works for which? So. Many. Choices. Here at Frank Darling, we’ve started building our collection of signature earrings to fit your modern style and any occasion. Plus, it’s all available in an all in one online jewelry store.

But if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’re going to break down the different stud earring styles and earring backs available. So you can get a head start on honing your own earring style, building your collection, and maybe even custom designing your own brilliant pair. Because, yes, we definitely do that too!

Stud Earrings

When it comes to getting your ears pierced, most of us start with the super simple stud earring. Sometimes referred to as solitaire earrings or post earrings, stud earrings can be any shape, size, or material with a straight post going through the ear, finished with a back (we’ll get to those later) that holds it in place. A few types of earrings to know:

A close-up of a pierced ear. Five earrings gleam, one of which is a diamond stud.
Ok, we all know about engagement rings, but are you thinking about your earrings? We can help!
An oval cut diamond is held with tweezers.
Whether you prefer step-cut stunners or brilliant-cut beauties, there’s a diamond out there (and matching stud earring set) for you.

Diamond stud earrings

A category that might seem straightforward, there is actually a massive range of diamond stud earrings to choose from. At its most basic, a diamond stud is a single diamond mounted in a simple prong setting. But you can change that up with different shape diamonds, different color metals, different setting styles, and of course different carat weights.

Our collection includes subtle signature styles like the scoop, the clutch, the bezel lowrider, and a pretty sweet half-bezel diamond setting as well. 

Pearl studs

Like a diamond stud, pearl stud earrings are mounted onto a straight post mounting. This mounting style uses a tiny post inserted into a tiny drill hole at the back of the pearl, secured with epoxy to keep it in place. The classic style is a bright, round white pearl, however pearls also come in many other shapes, sizes, and colors, including gray, gold, black, and pink. 

However, the thing to remember about pearl earrings is that pearls(and their epoxy settings) need more care and attention than a diamond stud. You should not get them wet or expose them to any other perfumes, lotions, or soaps. This can degrade the surface of the pearl causing it to lose luster, and also break down the epoxy-and no one wants to lose a pearl! So make sure to wipe them clean with a soft, dry cloth after wear, and store them separately from other jewelry that might scratch them.

A bezel set emerald diamond
Look, we won’t lie to you, pearls are fragile gems. And yes, Ariana rocked one in her Toi et Moi engagement ring (RIP). But we recommend opting for harder stones like Moissanite or diamonds that can withstand the test of time.
A multicolored gemstone engagement ring
Topaz, citrine, aquamarine-oh my, Colored gemstones make a comeback in both engagement rings and earrings.

Colored gemstone studs

If you’re not really a diamond person (we won’t judge), a pair of colored gemstone stud earrings might do the trick. Because earrings don’t take as hard of daily wear as the rings on our hands, you can choose nearly any gemstone you like for a pair of earrings. This includes semi-precious stones like aquamarine, amethyst, morganite, emerald, and citrine. If you have several piercings, it’s fun to line up gems in different shades of the same color for an ombre effect. Gemstones can be set in the same settings as diamonds, so look for prong settings, bezels, and more.

Cluster stud earrings

Similar to a cluster-style ring, cluster studs are simply groups of gems literally clustered together. Stone types, stone colors, and setting styles can vary. But, some Frank Darling favorites? Go for an ombré effect by choosing gems in the same color family, giving your cluster earrings depth and interest. Or match some diamonds and pearls together for different textures.

A large oval diamond is surrounded by a cluster of Marquise diamonds
Cluster setting rings and earrings add extra sparkle for a total swoon worthy and sparkly effect.

Earring Backs

Obviously, when you stick a shiny, expensive object on your body, you want to keep it there. And with stud earrings, that’s done with a little earring back that fits on the earring’s post, hidden behind your earlobe. But there are a few different types of earrings backs available for stud earrings, so let’s discuss:

A set of diamond stud earrings sparkle
Push earring backs also go by butterfly backs….and we can see why!

Push earring backs

 Also referred as butterfly backs, because from the side they look like two little wings, push backs are the most widely known and available type of earring backs on the market. Using the tension created by the loops of metal, push backs simply slide onto a smooth earring post, and can be secured against the back of your earlobe easy as pie.

Many stud posts have tiny notches in them as well, to help secure the push back in place. If a push back loses tension over time or the loops are damaged and out of shape, they can sometimes be re-tightened by your jeweler, or simply replace the back with a new one. Just make sure it’s the right size, as earring post diameters and back sizes can vary.

Screw earring backs

Screw-on earring backs look very similar to push backs, however they do offer a slightly more secure variation. Screw backs are just like their name — a threaded post and back that literally screws on. Voila, your earring is secure in place against your earlobe.

Given the added security of this style, you’ll often find screw backs on more expensive pairs of earrings. If a screw back is mis-threaded or damaged, you may need to have the entire post and back replaced so that the fit is correct and the threads match up. Luckily, any reputable fine jeweler can address this for you.

A bar set engagement ring
Trust screw earring backs to not-well-screw it up. Their added security ensures a safe setting….kind of like bar set diamonds.
A behind view of diamond stud earrings, complete with locking earring backs
Keep it under lock and key with a secure pair of locking earring backs.

Locking earring backs

If you’re looking for another secure earring back that doesn’t involve having to operate tiny screws, a locking earring back is a great option. Locking backs have a flatter shape with two small tabs on the edge that you squeeze together to release the locking mechanism. The back will then lock into notches along the post, keeping it nice and secure.

How to Find Your Own Stud Style

Look, we get it, shopping for that perfect pair of diamond stud earrings can feel pretty damn near impossible. That’s why we recommend breaking it down to one actionable (and fashionable!) step at a time. Ready? You’ve got this!

Rose cut diamond drop earrings
Not into studs? That’s ok! Our expert ring designers can also design earrings and are here to help you design the drop or hoop earrings of your dreams.
Loose diamonds sit next to one another on a table
Diamond shape dreams darling. Whether you go with a radiant, emerald, Marquise, or more, your diamond earring is sure to delight.

Shape it out

When it comes to diamond shapes for stud earrings, the sky is the limit. From classic round brilliant sparklers to elegant emeralds, you really can’t go wrong with any diamond shape.

Not sure where to start? Consider personal preference. Do you prefer clean straight edges and points? An Asscher, princess, or emerald diamond may be perfect for you. More into elegant curved edges? Check out rounds and ovals. Or, maybe you prefer a mixture of the two? Pears, Marquises, and cushions are the name of the game!

And if you’re ever in doubt, our diamond concierge is here to help. Book an in-person or virtual appointment today and let us help you understand all there is to know about our diamonds, darling.

Remember that with diamond stud earrings size matters

One good thing to know about purchasing diamond earrings—in any style—is that they’re sold by total carat weight. So if you’re buying a 1 ct tw pair, that means each earring is half a carat or .5 ct tw. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for sizing, remembering to split the carat weight in half to get an approximate diamond size.

 A hand with blue striped nails holds two princess cut diamond stud earrings
In the world of studs, size matters. So just remember that diamond earrings are sold by total weight (tw).
A radiant cut bezel set diamond engagement ring
Make a splash by being matchy-matchy with your engagement ring and earrings. Pair the Lowrider ring with and earrings for super low and crazy luxe look.

Set the scene

Like engagement rings, diamond stud earrings can come in a variety of settings, but the two most popular are studs and bezels.

Stud settings showcase the diamonds prominently, with minimal metal visible for a sleek and sophisticated look. On the other hand, bezel settings encircle the diamonds completely, providing added security and a modern aesthetic.

Both options offer a beautiful way to showcase the brilliance of diamonds, allowing you to shine bright and make a statement. And luckily, because earrings are less prone to getting banged up, both provide security and shine for your stud.

Back it up

Finally, consider how you want to keep your precious studs in place. Personally, while we have soft spots in our hearts for all of the earring backings, we can’t help but feel that push earring backs are your best bet.

Sure, we love the ease of screws, and locking backings have a certain je ne sais quois, you just can’t beat the ease and security of pushes. So, go ahead, and push it real good.

Two bezel set emerald diamond stud earrings
Consider insurance for your diamond studs, because on the off chance you forget to wear a backing, you can kiss those studs goodbye.

Now Rock Out with Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Whether you rock out with diamond studs or keep it cool with colored gemstones, there’s a stud earring set out there for you. And Frank Darling is here to help you nail your style with our signature diamond earring collection.

But that’s all just a jumping off point. You know, because we also love helping you custom design earrings of your very own for a look that’s totally unique. Looking for an interesting drop? A sparkling diamond hoop? A cluster of colorful gems? We can help.

Our design team is fully at your service to help you create your own dream custom jewelry, no commission, no fees, no pressure, all fun! That’s right, you can even use our direct line. Just email us at with a bit of style inspo and your budget and our team of gemological experts and jewelry designers will get you sorted in no time.

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